The Finnish Meat Trade Association was established in 1935, with the purpose of promoting the Finnish meat trade largely based on family-run companies. The primary publication of the sector, Liha ja ruoka, was launched in the same year. The magazine is widely read by the Finnish meat industry, shops and professional kitchens.

The Finnish Meat Trade Association consists of various operators representing companies of different sizes. The majority of our members are meat processors, but we also have slaughterhouses and importers and exporters among our members. The combined turnover of all members, covering the entire country, is some MEUR 600, and our members are important employers both locally and nationally. These companies vary in size from one-person micro companies to major family-run enterprises.

As a national organisation, we are involved in facing the daily challenges of the Finnish meat trade. Therefore, we ensure we always stay in close contact with our members and take an active role as the sector’s representative with the authorities, political leaders and other stakeholders. Our particular focus is on ensuring the competitiveness of the industry and on promoting common guidelines. Through our publication, the Liha ja ruoka magazine, we communicate relevant news and events to a wide audience.

Facts about the Finnish meat trade

Meat trade is the largest food industry sector in Finland, comprising nearly 300 companies, of which 20 generate over 90% of the gross production value. The meat industry (including slaughterhouses) employs roughly 8,000 employees, including office staff.

The demand for meat products has remained fairly stable. In Finland, 95% of the population eat meat, and roughly 40% have it daily. On average, each person eats approximately 75 kg of meat every year in Finland.

Our magazine Liha ja ruoka reaches the entire meat industry in Finland

Liha ja ruoka is the trade paper for the meat industry, covering the entire meat chain and its operating environment. Liha ja ruoka provides up-to-date news, connecting the information with the companies, interest groups and the entire sector. It is the number one publication of its sector and an appreciated opinion leader both in Finland and abroad.

An advertisement in Liha ja ruoka reaches the entire meat industry in Finland. You can buy advertising space in the service directory published in each issue, or on specific magazine pages. A whole-page advertisement is an excellent way to get your products and services noticed. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information!

Liha ja ruoka is also the publication of its publisher and main stakeholder The Finnish Meat Trade Association and a customer magazine for commerce and professional kitchens.

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